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Plate Column (Complete Kit)
R 24,650.00
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Plate Column (Complete Kit)
Our biggest still column available. THIS IS HUGE! The still is modular and can be operated with less than 6 plates when required (easy to add and remove plates) or additional plates can be fitted. Provision is made to add...
R 24,650.00
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13L Round Still - Starter Kit
Product description: This still is the perfect desktop unit. It produces between 4-6 750ml bottles of spirit per distillation. Its modular design allow for the addition of various attachments such as the gin aroma basket, reflux extension, distilling parrot, essential oil extension and more!  This...
R 14,795.00
Starter kit: 5L copper pot distilling kit
Product Description: Hand beaten copper at it's best. 100% copper with brass fittings. This still allows you to distil a good 2-4 bottles (750ml) of spirits at 43% alcohol per batch depending on the alcohol content within the fermented product.  ...
R 8,995.00
4 lt Glass Distilling Kit
Product description: The glass Distilling Kit is an extremely versatile, and nice-looking, piece of equipment. Made out of toughened glass, the unit is unique in its ability to switch between Essential Oil extraction and spirit distillation with minimal effort. Standard...
R 5,980.00
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Butane Extractor kit 380ml
Product description: This butane extractor is very robust, easy to use and uses off-the-shelf butane canisters as solvent to extract essential oils from plant materials. After extraction, the butane evaporates and leaves only the pure essential oil. Pack content: Insulation...
R 3,300.00
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Starch Conversion Add-On Kit
Product description: An add on kit for the alembic pot still starter kit. This kit will include all your consumables and extras to completely ferment and distill a blended grain based spirit (whiskey). This is for the distiller who would...
R 2,810.00
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Bottle filler hose kit
Hose kit consisting of: 3 meter anti-collapse suction hose: alcohol resistant, food grade quality 2 x S/Steel hose clamps 1 x S/Steel sanitary fitting with clamp to connect to Holding tank
R 2,200.00
13L Round Still Essential Oil Extension Kit
Product description:  The 13L Round Still Essential Oil Extension Kit can be used as an optional attachment to change the standard 13L round still into an essential oil still. Extract essential oils from your favorite botanicals trough steam distillation.    This kit...
R 1,900.00
Vacuum Distillation Accessory Kit
Product description: This kit serves as a collection tank and regulates the amount of vacuum applied when doing vacuum distillation.  This kit includes: 1000ml Vacuum Glass bottle x1 Glass bleeder valve x1 Brass connector x1 You might also like:  Water...
R 1,395.00
Starter kit: Consumable ,laboratory equipment
Product description: A starter pack consisting of the necessary equipment and consumables for first time still buyers. Ideal for Brandy, Mampoer, Rum and sugar washes. (Does not include raw materials)  This kit contains:  Alcohol meter 0-100% abv SG hydrometer 100ml Measuring...
R 1,050.00
Gin Add on Kit for Alembic and Round Stills
Product description: An add on kit for the 5l Alembic pot still including the basic items needed to create a gin, working from a neutral spirit/Vodka as a base. Over and above this you will need your own herbs and...
R 900.00
Test kit stainless steel
Prototype 2 This is a quick test to determine the grade of stainless steel if you're unsure. This kit allows you to test steel in a matter of seconds. Distinguish between 316, 304 and 202 or lower grades of steel....
R 585.00
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Fermentation tank coolant hose kit
Hose kit consisting of: 2 x 3m High pressure polycop 15mm pipe 2 x brass elbows 1 x flow control valve 4 x 15mm brass connectors
R 560.00
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Xperimental: Oaking Kit
Welcome to the wonderful world of distillation where Science, Art and Passion comes together to form unique and exciting products. The maturation of distilled products is a crucial part of the art and science. In South-Africa, strict rules should be adhered to when...
R 450.00
Rum fermentation kit (20l)
Product description:  The Rum kit is equipped with all the essential ingredients to make 20-liter fermentation, utilising a blend of molasses and dextrose as the sugar source. Following distillation, you'll yield an aromatic white rum. Enhance its profile by incorporating...
R 410.00
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DIY Home fruit wine kit
R 525.00 R 410.00
DIY Home fruit wine kit
Product Description:  Making your wine at home could not be easier! Turn all your favorite fruit into wine - right at home. It is Easy, great fun and delicious! This kit contains all the equipment and consumables to turn your...
R 525.00 R 410.00
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13L Round Still Hose Kit
Product description:  The hose kit is specifically for the 13L Round still.  This kit contains:  1 x Pneumatic 1/2 straight 1 x Pneumatic flow control valve 1 x Gardena hose fitting  3m x Pneumatic hose (Blue) 3m x Pneumatic hose...
R 380.00
Rum Infusion Kit
Product description:  This kit contains 8 of the most popular rum spices used in spiced craft rum allowing you to make your own rum at home with a guided recipe. Three sets of each botanical are included along with a record...
R 345.00
Gin Infusion Kit
Product description:  This kit contains 6 of the most popular gin botanicals used in craft gin allowing you to make your own gin at home with a guided recipe. Three sets of each botanical are included along with a record...
R 246.00
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DIY Wine making kit - Consumable replacement pack (for 20L)
This pack is a replacement pack for the "DIY home fruit wine making kit." ingredients. It contains enough ingredients to make at least 20Liters of fruit wine for bottling and drinking purposes. That works out less than R4.00 per 750ml...
R 155.00

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