Starch Conversion Add-On Kit

R 2,810.00

R 2,810.00
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A add on kit for the alembic pot still starter kit. This kit will include all your consumables and extras to completely ferment and distill a blended grain based spirit (whiskey). This is for the distiller who would like to make whiskey from grain based products including malt, maize,rye and all other types of grains.

Pack Content: 

  • 17L heavy duty stainless steel bucket with lid 
  • Enzyme Dextrolique Plus 150ml 
  • Enzyme Sugralique Plus 150ml 
  • Sodium metabisulfite 100g 
  • Stainless steel mash cooling coil (heat exchanger) 
  • Starch indicator 
  • Yeast: Whiskey from grain - speyside 100g 
  • Thermometer: Distillique Analog thermometer 
  • Malted Barley (1kg) 
  • Distillers Wheat (1kg) 
  • Distillers Sorghum (1kg) 
  • Distillers Maze (1kg) 
  • Distillers Rye (1kg) 



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