SG Hydrometer Triple Scale SG - Brix - Alcohol Potential
Please note glass items will not be covered by courier services, and is solely up to the client to accept responsibility should these items get damaged in transit. Distillique will not re-fund nor replace items broken during shipping. This is...
R 120.00
Refractometer 0-32Bx with ATC
Handheld refractometer to EASILY and QUICKLY determine 0-32Bx sugar content (in Brix or SG) of fruit or a mash with only 1 drop of liquid. For example: Pick a peach from the tree, squeeze a drop of juice from it...
R 745.00
Sold Out
Alcohol Refractometer
Measures alcohol percentage (%abv) in spirits from 20% abv to 80% abv using only a single drop of liquid. Product description: Automatic temperature compensation Sturdy plastic storage box plastic pipette calibrating screwdriver Instructions Terms and conditions:  Please refer to our...
R 420.00
Refractometer 0-90Bx with ATC
Handheld refractometer to EASILY and QUICKLY determine 0-90Bx sugar content in sugar syrups or honey. No more guessing or struggling to float an SG hydrometer. This refractometer also includes automatic temperature adjustment doing away with the need to do temperature...
R 1,100.00
Laboratory pack
This laboratory pack is ideal for any craft distillery. This kit contains the essential laboratory typically used in your day to day processes.   Pack contents:  1 x 0-100% abv alcohol meter long  30- 40% abv accurate (0.1%) alcohol meter 40-50%...
R 6,090.00
Starter kit: Consumable ,laboratory equipment
Product description: A starter pack consisting of the necessary equipment and consumables for first time still buyers. Ideal for Brandy, Mampoer, Rum and sugar washes. (Does not include raw materials)  This kit contains:  Alcohol meter 0-100% abv SG hydrometer 100ml Measuring...
R 1,050.00

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