Thermometer: Digital (with probe wire)
A small digital square thermometer with a long wire probe , ideal for your Pneumatic water connections and your fractionating column. Batteries are included.  If more than one digital thermometer is used in your still, you can make use of...
R 98.00
Thermometer: Analog with brass thermowell
A small analog thermometer with brass thermowell, ideal for soldering onto a copper still. Product specifications:  Reading from 0 - 120 degrees Celsius  Dial size: 64 mm Brass thermowell - 1/2 inch bsp thread.
R 285.00
Thermometer: Stick on Strip thermometer
A suitable thermometer to apply to your fermentation buckets in order to monitor the temperature of your fermentations without having to open them up. Just peel away the back strip and apply it to the side of your bucket to...
R 30.00
Thermometer: Horizontal
Horizontal thermometer for boiler and thermowells. (Straight connector) Product specification:  1/2 inch BSP male fitting.
R 690.00
Brass thermowell for pneumatic T piece
Product Description A brass insert to go into your T pneumatic 12mm water connection for your digital thermometer to fit in to take an accurate reading of the temperature of your water. Ideal to use with the digital thermometer with...
R 179.00
Thermometer: Analog pocket thermometer (dial)
A small analog dial thermometer that can be used to measure the temperature of liquids and mashes.  Product specifications:  4mm probe Probe length:  12cm long , with an accurate reading from -10 to 110 degrees Celsius.
R 310.00
Sold Out
Thermometer: Digital swivel
Digital thermometer that can be used for accurately measuring the temperature of liquids and mashes.  Product Specifications: Range: -50C to 300C measuring in 0.1 Degree C 4mm probe Big digits Waterproof probe Auto-off Instant read
R 285.00
Thermometer frame 1.5inch
Thermometer frame for thermometers on boilers 1.5inch
R 430.00
Thermometer: Long probe
Long probe Analog thermometer ideal for measuring the temperature of grain mashes during starch conversion.  Product specifications:  Probe length; 300mm Range: -20 to 110 degrees C Measuring units: Degrees C and Degrees F
R 410.00
Sold Out
Connector thermometer (to fit thermometer to still)
Use this connector to fit a digital thermometer to your still (It has a 3mm hole through which the thermometer probe fits) Drill a hole in the still and solder the nipple onto the still. Screw the falnge nut onto...
R 95.00
Bracket for Small Digital thermometer
This durable little bracket will hold the thermometer digital (with probe wire) (Small) onto your spirit condenser. Product Specifications:  2 x slots for water temperature and vapour temperature of your refluxing column. The bracket will slot onto a 2 inch...
R 120.00
Thermometer: Distillique Analog pocket thermometer (dial)
A small analog dial thermometer ideal for measuring the temperature of liquids and mashes. Product Specifications:  Probe diameter:  4mm probe of roughly Probe length: 14cm long , Temperature range:0 to 100 degrees Celsius.
R 195.00
Sold Out
Thermometer: Glass spirit thermometer
Specifications:Length: 155mm Range: 0°C - 50°C
R 130.00
Thermometer: Vertical Thermometer
Vertical thermometer that measures in both degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit  Product Specifications:  1/2 inch bsp threaded nipple  Probe length: 60mm Probe diameter: 4-5mm  Dial size: 84mm Temperature range: -10 to 100 degrees Celsius
R 595.00
Thermocouple Probe (3m)
Product Specifications:  K Type thermocouple probe  Operating Temperature:-100–1250°C  Probe Material:Stainless Steel Probe Diameter:5mm Threads Size:8mm Probe Length: 3m
R 250.00
Thermometer: Ambient room temperature
A small digital square thermometer excluding external probe. Excluding batteries. The thermometer is ideal for measuring ambient room temperature and can be placed in various locations, fridges, rooms and anywhere you would like to measure. Readout in degrees C 
R 45.00 R 5.00
Sold Out
Thermometer and humidity data logger TP1
This data logging thermometer requires to be linked t a PC (via supplied USB viable) to set it up and to view recorded data. During recording it needs not to be linked to a PC. Product description:  Temperature measuring range: -30ºC...
R 995.00
Thermometer - Bluetooth
This Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity smart smart device easily pairs with Android and IOS phones (App is free) to act also as a data logger. Product specifications:  Temperature accuracy: 0.3 C (internal sensor) 1C external sensor Humidity accuracy: +-2% Internal...
R 1,650.00
Fermentation Airlock and Thermometer Stick on Strip Set
Fermentation Lock (also called a bubbler or airlock) with bung for fermentation vessels up to 50lt Product Description:  A stick-on thermometer ranging from 18 C - 34 C, with reflective light to show the temperature A suitable thermometer to apply...
R 144.00
Thermometer: Vertical Dial (600mm long)
Product Specifications:  Range 0-100° celcius Thermometer probe 316 stainless steel 600mm long probe 1/4 BSP thread 6mm probe thickness
R 1,840.00
Thermometer: Horizontal (140mm probe)
Horizontal thermometer for boiler and thermowells. (Straight connector) Product specification:  140mm probe  1/2 inch bsp thread 
R 950.00

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