In some countries it is totally illegal to distill or ferment alcoholic beverages at home.
Please comply to the laws regarding fermentation and distilling alcoholic beverages of your country.
In South Africa, you may own a still, ferment and produce alcohol at home for own use (no selling allowed) after getting a permit. If you are not familiar with the procedure in South Africa, contact us.
Remember that you are solely responsible to use any equipment, services or knowledge acquired from us, in a legal manner. Please acquaint yourself with the various laws and regulations regarding the use of distilling equipment and the manufacturing of alcoholic products in your country. You may not held Distillique, its office bearers and/or personnel liable for any action following the illegal use of equipment, items or knowledge acquired from Distillique.
In South Africa, parliamentary bills and acts regulating the production of spirits are easily accessible. However, be extremely cautious about regulations and "rules" from SARS as it applies to commercial distilling, as these rules and regulations are NOT easily extracted from their website if you don't know the exact terminologies or phrases of what to search for. 

As an Example: We searched the website on the 21st of November 2017 and found the following:

  • Searching for "spirit manufacturing legal guidelines" yielded 30 results
  • Searching for "rules for spirit manufacturing" yielded 170 results
  • Searching for "rules for liuor manufacturing" yields 92 results 
  • Searching for "spirit manufacturing laws" yielded 130 results
  • Searching for "laws regulating the manufacturing of spirits" yielded 74 results
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