Starter kit: Consumable ,laboratory equipment

R 1,050.00

R 1,050.00
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Product description:

A starter pack consisting of the necessary equipment and consumables for first time still buyers. Ideal for Brandy, Mampoer, Rum and sugar washes. (Does not include raw materials) 

This kit contains: 

  • Alcohol meter 0-100% abv
  • SG hydrometer
  • 100ml Measuring cylinder 
  • 500ml Measuring cylinder 
  • Citric acid (100g) 
  • 100 g Potassium carbonate 
  • pH test strips 
  • 100g Distillers yeast 
  • 100g Proper turbo yeast 
  • 100g Yeast nutrients 
  • Fermentation bucket 
  • Fermentation lock with bung 
  • 20g French oak chips  

What you will need: 

The kit does not come with sugar included. Please visit our website for detailed recipes outlining the consumables required for various types of spirits.

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