13 lt Round Still - Starter Kit

R 13,995.00

A Distilling Starter Kit to get you Distilling in no time. Included is the "Easy Start Distilling Manual".

This Pack includes:

   1 x 0-100% Alcohol Meter (Short)

   1 x 13 lt Round Still

   1 x Citric acid (100g)

   1 x Fermentation Bucket 25L

   1 x Fermentation lock with Bung (Bubbler or Airlock)

   1 x French Oak Chips 20g Superior (medium roast)

   1 x Measuring Cylinder Plastic 250 ml

   1 x PH Test Strips ph 1-14 (100 Strips per pack)

   1 x Potassium Carbonate (100g)

   1 x SG Hydrometer Triple Scale SG - Brix - Alcohol Potential

   1 x Yeast Nutrients (100g)

   1 x Yeast: Distillers yeast (100g)

   1 x Proper Turbo Yeast Mix / For 20L fermentation

R 13,995.00
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This starter kit includes the following:

1. 13L Round still complete (excluding attachments)

2. 25L fermentation bucket, lid with bung and fermentation lock

3. Hydrometer (to measure sugar content of your mash

4. Alcohol meter to measure the %alcohol of your distilled product

5. PH Test strips, Potassium carbonate, citric acid, French oak chips

6. Measuring cylinder to use with the hydrometer and alcohol meter

7. Rhone yeast, Distillers yeast and nutrient mix for 200l Fermentations

8. Guide: Easy start Distilling Manual"

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