Starter kit: 5L copper pot distilling kit

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A distilling starter kit to get you distilling in no time. Included is the ""Easy Start Distilling Manual""


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Product Description:

Hand beaten copper at it's best. 100% copper with brass fittings. This still allows you to distil a good 2-4 bottles (750ml) of spirits at 43% alcohol per batch depending on the alcohol content within the fermented product.  

This kit contains: 

  • 5L alembic pot still 
  • 5L fermentation bottle with lid
  • Fermentation lock and bung
  • SG Hydrometer 
  • Alcohol meter 0-100%abv
  • Measuring cylinder
  • PH Test strips
  • 100g Potassium carbonate
  • 100g Citric acid
  • 20 gFrench oak chips
  • 100g Distillers yeast
  • 100g Proper Turbo yeast
  • 100g Yeast nutrients 
  • Guide: Easy start Distilling Manual"

Heating and cooling: 

  • This still should be heated by a gas burner (not included) 
  • Water hose for cooling not included 

What you will need:

  • This kit does not include any sugar. Refer to the recipes in the Easy Start Distilling Manual for a comprehensive list of essential household consumables required to make your first fermentation. 

You might also like: 

    • You can find the Analog Thermometer (big) available for separate purchase which can be fitted to the still upon purchase.
    • Copper becomes oxidized over time which causes it to  loose it's beautiful color and shine. Distillique' s WandaPolish will help you restore your copper pot back to its former beauty.
    • Optional extras: Gin add on kit

    Terms and conditions: 

    • When out of stock this product can be ordered and will take approximately 6-8 weeks once the deposit has been received.
    • The price for a special import might differ from the price price on the website - please send an email to for an updated quote. 
    • A non-refundable 70% deposit is required to order this item, and the remaining 30% should be paid before delivery. 
    • Shipping is quoted separately


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