Homogenizer 1-2L

R 14,280.00

R 14,280.00
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High shear homogenizer/emulsifier with precision-engineered heads to emulsify/homogenize dairy products (i.e. cream for liqueurs) and prevent curdling and/or separation of oily/watery substances (i.e. making a great vinaigrette that does not separate quickly).
Also useful when emulsifying essential oils and water-based preparations, balms, etc.

1. Two different head sizes for large/smaller batches
2. Capacity: use your own liquid container (i.e. measuring beaker) up to 2 Litres
3. 220V 50 Hz, single phase, 200 Watt motor.
4. Rotation: 0 - 23 000 rpm adjustable stepless
5. Easy manual lifting with a sturdy and robust stand.

For increased stability of the emulsion, use an emulsifying agent (i.e. egg white, agar, gelatin) or alcohol suspender for prolonged storage periods of i.e. cream liqueurs.
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