Citric Acid (1kg)
Citric acid is naturally derived from citrus fruits and allows for quick acid adjustments in fermentations. It is also the preferred acid to use for copper cleaning.  How to use:  To adjust fermentation pH - add 0,2 - 0,5 grams...
R 120.00
DAP (Di-ammonium phosphate) (1kg)
Di-ammonium phosphate is an inorganic form of nitrogen that rapidly releases nitrogen in a mash for yeast growth. Many mashes are low on nitrogen and a major cause for stuck fermentations. Adding DAP to mashes allows vigorous yeast activity and...
R 220.00
Yeast Nutrients (5kg)
Yeast nutrients are essential to provide yeast with minerals vitamins and other nutrients to support yeast growth and activity during fermentation. This special Distillique blend consists out of inorganic nitrogen (allow for the fast release of nitrogen for immediate use...
R 2,500.00
Sold Out
Sodium metabisulphite (2kg)
Sodium meta bi-sulphite or potassium metabisulfite is used as a sterilizing agent in wines to kill off all bacteria and yeast present in wines. Campden tablets are compressed sodium Meta bi-sulphite and each tablet contains 4g of sodium/potassium metabisulphite. We...
R 250.00
Sold Out
Potassium Carbonate (10kg)
Potassium Carbonate is used by distillers to buffer the mash against pH changes and to prevent it from going too low. The ideal pH for mashes being prepared for distilling is between 3,5 and 4.5. Dissolve the potassium carbonate in a...
R 810.00
Yeast: Whiskey from grain - Speyside (5kg)
Description A naturally pure culture of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. for the Production of Grain Whisky.  Recommended for  This strain is recommended for use in the production of grain whisky by fermentation of wort made from any type of grain.  Dosage For...
R 2,495.00
Yeast Activator 2.5kg
Yeast activator contains important micro-nutrients necessary for healthy yeast growth. Enhances yeast cell wall thickness to withstand shock against high sugar and acid conditions during inoculation. Yeast activator allows for healthier yeast and therefore a faster start to the fermentation. ...
R 1,550.00
Sold Out
Enzyme: Pectolase (Pectolyase) mix for 12000 to 24000kg fruit (3kg pack)
This 3kg granular Pectolase mix is suitable to treat between 12000 and 24000 kg of fruit. The pectolase mix is used to break down pectin and proto-pecting in fruit to: increase the juice yield from fruit and to; prevent methanol...
R 1,900.00
Sold Out
Anti-foaming agent (25l)
Reduce foam formation during fermentation and distillation. Enough for 5000 to 12500L mash Ideal for potato, fruit and grain mashes Dosage: 50 to 500ml per 100L mash (depending on foaming properties or raw material) Premix Anti-foaming agent with equal amount...
R 3,800.00
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