Enzyme: Pectolase (Pectolyase) mix for 12000 to 24000kg fruit (3kg pack)

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This 3kg granular Pectolase mix is suitable to treat between 12000 and 24000 kg of fruit.

The pectolase mix is used to break down pectin and proto-pecting in fruit to:

  • increase the juice yield from fruit and to;
  • prevent methanol formation during fermentation and to;
  • enhance the amount of fermentable sugars in the fruit.

Mash your fruit with the minimum amount of water and heat to between 40 and 50 degree C

Sprinkle pectolase over mash and stir in well

Leave for 2 hours at temperature between 40 and 50 degree C..

Add water and sugar (if required) to fruit for fermentation only after pectolase treatment.


1. The dosage should be kept at 1g pectolase mix for every 4 to 8 kg of fruit. Fruit with little pectin (little "white stuff" such as white grapes) requires 1g pectolase per 8 kg of fruit whereas fruit with lots of pectin (lots of "white stuff" like marulas and citrus) would require 1 g of pectolase per 4 kg of fruit.

2. If you cannot maintain the temerature of the mash at between 40 and 50 degree C over a 2 hour period, allow a longer treatment time (i.e. 4 hours at 25 degree C)

This item has a 2 week waiting period from date purchased.

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