Yeast: Whiskey from grain - Speyside (100g)

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R 80.00
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Product Description : A naturally pure culture of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Type : Active Dried Distilling Yeast for the Production of Grain Whisky.
Application : This strain is reccomended for use in the production of grain whisky by fermentation of wort made from wheat or maize.
Flavour profile : This strain produces a spirit with a highly acceptable flavour profile, as adjudged by Grain Whisky Manufacturers.
Temperature Range: This strain ferments well over the range of 20 to 33°C.
Alcohol Tolerance : This strain displays a good alcohol tolerance of up to at least 15% V/V.
Rehydration : In order to restore the dried yeast to its fully active viable state, it is necessary to rehydrate the yeast as rapidly as possible by adding the yeast to 10 X it's mass of water at 36°C with constant vigorous agitation. Continue stirring for 5 minutes before adding the yeast to the washback. AlLOWING THE YEAST TO REMAIN AT 36°C FOR LONGER THAN THE STIPULATED TIME PERIOD CAN NEGATIVELY AFFECT ALCOHOL YIELDS.
Dosage: 60g - 80g per 100L mash
Analytical :
Total Viable Yeast Count : 1 X 1010 c.f.u. per gram minimum.
Wild Yeast : <1 X 105 c.f.u. per gram
Bacteria : <1 X 106 c.f.u. per gram
E. coli : absent .
Moisture : 8 % maximum.
Shelf Life : Stored at 25°C and below - 3 years minimum.
Handling : For optimum shelf life and activity the yeast must be stored under cool dry conditions.

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