Yeast: MTR01 (100g) for Molasses

R 120.00

A special yeast specifically for molasses and cane based spirits (Treacle No 1, Treacle No 3 and Blackstrap).



R 120.00
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This yeast strain is selected to produce rum and other cane-based spirits. Isolated in a tropical region from cane molasses, this strain demonstrates high temperature tolerance.

Recommended for

Used for cane-juice based spirits and molasses.


For fermentations smaller than 100L

1 gram per 1L

For fermentations larger than 100L

40 – 60 grams per 100L


Min temperature: 25 °C

Max temperature: 35 °C

Cold tolerance: 18 °C

Alcohol tolerance: 16 % v/v

pH range: 3.3 - 5.3

Fermentation kinetics/rate: Moderate fermentation rate

Nutrient demand: High

Volatile acidity production: Moderate production

Species: S. cerevisiae

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