Xperimental: Yeast experiment pack

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R 250.00
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This pack consists out of 6 different yeast strains for fermenting various raw materials such as  fruits, starch containing vegetables, grain and molasses. Each yeast is packaged in 25 gram packets to make 25L fermentations. Grain yeast does not include starch conversion enzymes and therefore Sugralique and Dextrolique should be purchased separately. All yeast require the addition of nutrients which is not included in this pack. 

DM-1 : This strain is ideal for producing Scotch and single malt Whiskies.  It produces high concentrations of fermentation related aroma compounds which compliments barrel ageing. It has an alcohol tolerance of 15% v/v. Optimal fermentation temperature is 20 to 32C. 

DHG-1: This strain is used for very high gravity fermentations and has an alcohol tolerance of up to 18% v/v. It has a high tolerance to osmotic stress as well as high fermentation temperatures. This yeast serves as an alternative to DC-1118. It produces very little aroma compounds during fermentation and therefore ideal for all kinds of fermentations (grain, starch vegetables, sugar washes and fruit fermentations). Optimal fermentation temperature is 25 to 35C. 

DC-70: This yeast is great for distillers as it functions as a multipurpose yeast. It produces subtle fermentation aromas and therefore it emphasizes the raw material. This is especially a favorite for rum production. It can also be used to ferment agave juice (mezcal and tequila). Optimal fermentation temperature is 25 to 33C. 

DGR-2: This is an ideal strain for producing vodka from grain or other starch based raw materials. It does not show spikes in the fermentation temperature during the initial stages and therefore an ideal strain to use in distilleries where cooling is not available. Optimal fermentation temperature is 20 to 32C. 

DFD-3: This is a saccharomyces bayanus strain that ferments well in fermentations with high fructose concentrations. This strain can ferment in cooler fermentation temperatures and is ideal for apple and pear fermentations. Optimal fermentation temperature is 15 to 32C. 

DCO-16: This stain is ideal for grape based fermentations for Cognac/ brandewyn. This strain produces high concentrations of esters during fermentation, contributing to the complexity of the product. Optimal fermentation temperature is 20 to 32C. 

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