Water cooler 20 000

R 83,400.00

R 83,400.00
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Highly efficient evaporative water cooler.

Save a lot of water during cooling processes.

Used with mash tuns and distilling condensors when you would like to re-circulate your water.

This cooler uses evaporative cooling to cool incoming water with minimal energy usage.

Water to cool: Temperature in: 53C

Cooled water: Temperature out: 28C

Water flow: 20 000L/hr

Ambient : wetbulb temp: 21C

With above parameters an equivalent of 280 kW heat is removed.

Fan diameter: 830mm

Comes with 3.5kW pump to circulate water at 20 000L/hr at 3.8 bar.

Comes with ball float valve for internal water supply

Physical dimensions: 2.5m (H) x 1250mm (W) x 1250mm (D)

Robust design for South Africa

These units are excellent to use with low ambient humidity levels. With higher humidity levels (i.e KZN coast), please contact us with your average wet-bulb temperatures to recommend a suitable size)

DELIVERY: 4 weeks after order: 70% order deposit.

Water cooler 20 000

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