STC Humidity controller

R 1,200.00

R 1,200.00
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STC Humidity controller modes of operation:

  1. The unit will turn on heating/cooling when humidity drops to a set % (HM)
  2. The unit will turn on heating/cooling when humidity reaches a set %

Unit runs off 220 AC.

Humidity measuring range

Humidity control range
Humidity accuracy
25℃: ±(5%RH+0.5digit)
10-40℃ 0%-59%RH: ±(6%RH+0.5digit)
10-40℃ 59%-99%RH: ±(8%RH+0.5digit)
Input types
HTG3515CH temperature humidity sensor, length is 2 m (includes the probe)
Sensor Stability
Output types
One SPDT electromagnetic relay
Relay contact rating
10A at 250VAC, Max.single phase load is 0.5HP/220VAC
Insulation resistance
500M ohm min
2KV 50Hz for 1min, no breakdown and flashover phenomenon
Operating temperature
0 to 60 ℃
Operating humidity
20-85% RH max, non-condensing
Storage temperature
-30 to 75 ℃

The product includes RH probe only.

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