PH Test Strips ph 1-14 (100 Strips per pack)

R 95.00

Comes in a nice plastic box that's easy to carry around

Appropriate for testing alkaline or acid level of any liquid

PH wide range 0-14, 100 strips per pack With distinct color PH scale for result comparisons

The test strip color changes must be matched with the pH scale color chart within about 15 seconds

1 - 3 indicates a very acidic substance

4 - 6 indicates an acidic substance

7 indicates neutral

8 - 11 indicates alkalinity

12 - 14 indicates a very high level of alkalinity

R 95.00
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Electronic pH meter too expensive?

Use the universal indicator paper to determine the pH of your mash. 100 test papers per box, includes 1 ph color chart from ph 1-14

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