Mash tun: 150L

R 15,500.00

This Pack includes:

   1 x 150l S/S pot

R 15,500.00
Terms & conditions

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A 150l mash tun with false bottom, drain valve and copper cooling coil. This mash tun is ideal for making whiskey mashes to do a full conversion from starches to fermentable sugars. The copper cooling coil in the false bottom will make it easy to rapidly cool your mash.

Product description:

  • 150L stainless steel pot
  • False bottom,
  • Drain valve 
  • Copper cooling coil with supporting brackets.
  • Water inlet/outlet

Terms and conditions:

  • This product is not kept in stock at all times and therefore pre-orders are accepted. A waiting period of 6 weeks may apply on this product from date of purchase. 
  • A 70% deposit is required before manufacturing can commence. 

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