Hibiscus flower (100g)

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R 95.00
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Dried hibiscus flower is a beautiful natural ingredient that is commonly used as a colorant in the production of alcoholic beverages, particularly gin. The vibrant, deep red color of hibiscus flower makes it an excellent choice for adding a pop of color to clear spirits like gin.

In addition to its stunning color, dried hibiscus flower also adds a unique and slightly tart flavor to gin. Its flavor profile has been described as a cross between cranberry and rhubarb, with a slightly floral note. This makes hibiscus an excellent choice for adding a subtle twist to gin cocktails or for creating a standalone flavored gin.

Dried hibiscus flower can be added to gin during the distillation process for flavor contribution or during direct infusion to create a unique and visually stunning spirit. Its use as a natural colorant makes it a popular choice among consumers who are looking for natural and organic ingredients in their alcoholic beverages.

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