Gardena Smart Flow Meter (Digital)

R 485.00

R 485.00
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The Official Write-up:

The innovative GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter allows targeted irrigation that is measured and mindful. At a glance, you can see the water consumption per day and the current flow in litre per minute. The consumed water quantity can be read at any time on the large display and thereby controlled. Until now, irrigation has been a matter of personal judgment and one's form on the day. This is good for the garden, the environment, and the wallet. The Water Smart Flow Meter is battery-operated and can be immediately connected to the tap, to a sprayer, a sprinkler or a pump. The robust and impact-proof Water Smart Flow Meter is simply clicked onto the Threaded Tap Connector or Standard Hose Connector and immediately supplies important data through active measurement.

But if we apply this unit to use in a Home, Hobby or Craft Distillery environment, what do we get?

1. The capability of accurately (within the unit total volume tolerances) filling tanks, boilers and mash tuns for calibration

2. The capability of accurately (within the unit total volume tolerances) measuring water for large fermentations, mashes, cleaning, sterilization, etc.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY - The capability to accurately control the flowrate of water through main reflux condensers for consistent still control

PLEASE NOTE: Under controlled testing by Distillique the flowrate measurement was consistently accurate, but the the total volume did show a slight variance of 3% on small volumes (less than 100lt). The variance is however less on larger volumes.

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