RO Water filter (1300 lt per day)

R 26,910.00

R 26,910.00
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A Elegant and very functional reverse osmosis system suitable of removing 90% total dissolved solids, suitable to be placed on or underneath your bottling table.

  • Compact design
  • High flow rate - system can produce 1300l per day.
  • Multiple units can be installed to increase daily output
  • No spill, no mess
  • Vertical filter housing makes it easy to replace
  • Suitable to remove 90% TDS
  • Optional choice of 100l, 200l, 400l, 800l water storage pressurized tank, this means you do not need a pump to transfer water from the tank to your blending/holding tanks. (Pricing available on request)
  • Dimensions- 44cmx 26cm x 44cm
  • Dual pressure gauges 
  • Can be used as a direct flow system or together with pressurized storage tank
  • Maximum TDS 2000ppm
  • Orders may be subject to lead times depending on stock. 
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