Copper Alembic vapor dome (4 inch-4 inch)

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R 6,795.00
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Product description:

Beautifully polished red copper at its best.
This alembic hood can be fitted onto any boiler with an 4-inch top ferrule to turn the boiler into a magnificent stripping still or even a pot still. 


  • A 99.9 Pure copper
  • 3/4 inch ferrule port on front for the addition of a thermometer (thermometer not included) 
  • 4 inch top and bottom ferrule. 

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  • Thermometer NOT included and is sold separately. Please see this link to our Analog thermometer (big) that can be fitted to the still.   
  • Copper becomes oxidized over time which causes it to  loose it's beautiful color and shine. Distillique' s WandaPolish will help you restore your copper pot back to its former beauty.
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