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Never polish your copper still again!

Product description: 

Bring or send your copper ware to us and we will treat it with the amazing CoppaShine solution.

The CoppaShine treatment will bring old tarnished copper back to life and protect it against future oxidation, tarnish and corrosion for years if not physically removed.

CoppaShine is a tough, very durable clear coating that will seal and protect copper that get a lot of use. CoppaShine will keep your copper ware looking freshly polished! It is a clear coating that is practically invisible even on highly polished copper.

Fingerprint staining on your copperware will be a thing of the past.

Once we receive your copper pot we do the following:

  1. Photograph the pot when we receive it
  2. Remove all dirt and do a slight acid treatment
  3. Neutralize the acid and polish the copper
  4. Remove all polishing residue by alcohol/xylene wash
  5. Apply the CoppaShine to your copper still in an even layer
  6. Allow the CoppaShine to cure (from 3 to 5 days)
  7. Photograph it again
  8. Package and ship it back to you/Call for collection.

After the CoppaShine treatment you should only use a mild soap solution and a soft cloth for cleaning spills and dirt from you copper.

Our polishing process will not remove deep scratches, pit marks or impurities in the base copper - these will show as they are.

CoppaShine can be removed from the Copper by physically scratching, polishing, scuffing of the copper surface and by using xylene or other similar solvents. DO NOT use Cleaning solutions such as "Handy Andy", "Brasso" or similar cleaning products on CoppaShine treated copper. It will physically remove the CoppaShine layer.

We will only treat the visible outside of the copper pot, swans neck and condenser as, on the inside, the copper still needs to react with the mash and steam to remove sulphides. The bottom of the still will also not be treated as this is prone to scratching on an gas burner or plate.


The indicated pricing is for Distillique specific items.

As there are many different sizes, shapes and configurations of copper stills and accessories, (and the CoppaShine solution is rather expensive to make) the indicated prices are applicable to the types of copper stills we sell.

You are welcome to bring your own copper still, copper ware, copper jewelerry and any other copper items to us for a quote.

Pricing excludes transport of items from and to you, and also excludes traveling, accommodation and related costs if we have to travel and perform the CoppaShine treatment at your place.

More on CoppaShine:

CoppaShine is a one part clear coating consisting of a proprietary blend of polymer resins to protect Copper from tarnish, oxidation and UV degradation.

  • - It has excellent adherence to copper and can only be removed by physical removal or certain solvents like Xylene.
  • - It is suitable for use in-house, outside and even on submerged copper surfaces.
  • - It does not turn yellow when exposed to heat.
  • - It remains flexible and will not peel, crack or chip.
  • - It is NOT a varnish, a lacquer or a type of poly-urethane coating
  • - It is 100% safe to use on, for example copper bracelets to prevent your arm from going "green-blackish"!
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