Bottle rinser - 24 head

R 31,800.00

R 31,800.00
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Have you noticed all bottles, when standing a while, collects dust? Use this rinser to rinse and sterilize your bottle's insides before filling.

24 head bottle rinser with: 

  • S/steel and copper construction with epoxy coated steel legs.
  • High volume 220V, 0.55kW pump and strainer
  • Timer for rinsing cycle. Auto shut off after rinsing.
  • Bottles are inserted and removed by hand.
  • Large reservoir for sterilising (I.e. with Iodophor) and rinsing water.
  • Lid for dry operations.
  • Drain valve for easy replacement of sterilizer/rinsing water.

The 24 head capacity allows for some "drip-dry" time during filling.

Manufacturing time after order: 4 weeks

Payment: 60% on order, 40% on delivery.

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