Barley Malt (1 kg)

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Pale barley malt per kg. Used to convert all starches to fermentable sugars the natural way.

For mixed grain bill: Boil grain/water mixture until gelatinized (i.e. 30 to 60 minutes) and drop temperature rapidly to between 60 and 67C. Then slowly stir the malt (20% of grain weight) into the grain and keep at 65C for between 30 and 45 minutes. (Note how the grain "porridge" suddenly turns "watery") The starch has now converted to dextrins. STrain/filter/sparge mash and let wort cool to 35C and add whiskey yeast.

For 100% malted barley grain bill: Use 80%of malted barely as grain bill and treat as above by adding 20% af the malted barley at between 60 and 67C.

Allow the mash/wort to cool to about 30C - during this cooling down process the dextrins are converted to fermentable sugars and the mash becomes sweeter.

To test whether the starches have converted completely to sugars, perform a starch test with the Starch Indicator.

If in doubt, attend our Whisky making course


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