760L Hybrid glass column still

R 950,550.00

R 950,550.00
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Still summary:

- High production capacity still designed as a multi-product still for:

- Producing pot distilled spirits (i.e. high aromatic spirits brandy, whisky, rum, etc.)

- Producing low aromatic spirits (i.e. low aromatic brandy, whisky, light rum)

- Return on Investment: < 6 months (making Gin from 50% abv diluted neutral spirits, 1 batch per day, R10.00 per bottle amortization)

- Superb as a high capacity ginning still.

Produces more than 1000 bottles per batch run in 6-7 hours when using 50%abv diluted neutral spirits for gin. (1 hour to bring to boil and 5-6 hour spirit run at slowest setting (1 element running).

760L Hybrid glass column still

This magnificent piece of art consists of:

- Copper top pot still with 760L (operating) capacity (880L total pot volume). Bottom and sides Stainless steel.

- Large glass manhole

- Electrically heated 45kW, 380V (3-phase). Switchable 3 -level power. Heating elements switchable between direct heating and S/Steel pocketed heating elements.

- Agitator 60rpm 550W, cycloidal reduction gearbox. Superb heat distribution (no more thermoclines) with the agitator directly above the heating elements.

- Copper alembic hood (slow reflux) with 8-inch connection to pot, 4-inch sightglass and thermowell

- Still glass column 8-inch diameter, 6 copper bubble plates, large main reflux condenser. A full copper column with full CIP per plate is optionally available. Please enquire about pricing.

- Ginning head: Glass with copper sieve botanical chamber - easy to open from top. (by setting main reflux to 100% you can even refill the ginning head during a batch distillation)

- Large condenser for sufficient cooling even under hot weather conditions.

- Integrated CIP (Clean-in-place) system - push a button and flip a lever for easy cleaning!

- Multiple temperature gauges

- Distilling parrot with glass anti-evaporation dome

- Control box.


- 2900mm tall

- Footprint: 2310mm x 1300mm

You provide electricity and cooling water to the still and we do the delivery, setup, installation, and still operation training (included in price within South Africa to main centra) - easy as that! For re-circulating cooling water, consider a decent cooling tower.

Payment terms:

70% deposit on order and 30% with delivery.

Delivery: 3-4 months after receipt of order deposit.

Discount may apply with a longer waiting period - i.e. when we can ship multiple stills at a time. Ask about this when ordering.

Is this just not awesome for running a serious Gin distillery?

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