S/steel heat exchanger p-m

R 3,300.00

R 3,300.00
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Product description: 

Heat exchanger for wort chilling. Built on order only.

Product Specification:

  • 50.8mm S/s tube
  • Tube and Tube
  • Outer (for coolant / cold water) minimum 76.2mm S/Steel housing
  • 15mm coolant inlet/outlet
  • Wall mounted brackets included
  • Includes 180 degree bends for easy removal and cleaning
  • Ideal to use with s/steel pump and pump hose kit

Approximate number of meter required:

  • For 100L mash tun: 6 meter
  • For 200L mash tun: 8 meter
  • For 400L mash tun: 12 meter
  • For 800L mash tun: 24 meter

Pricing per meter, picture is only a representation of how the unit will look (24 meter photo)

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