13 lt Round Still

R 12,600.00

A magnificent looking 13L round Stainless Steel Still with Copper Alembic Vapour Chamber.

Multiple optional add-ons available.

R 12,600.00
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13 lt Round Still 13 lt Round Still 13 lt Round Still 13 lt Round Still

Definitely a great conversation starter ... and party enhancer!

Limited quantities will be made available

Awesome looking small still for those enjoying distilling with great friends!

  • 13L main S/Steel boiling pot with flat s/steel (SUS304) bottom (Suitable to place on certain induction heating elements**)
  • Magnificent 99.9% red copper alembic vapor chamber
  • S/Steel condenser
  • Modular configuration to have add-ons to your still to enhance distilling performance.
  • Heat on gas flame, stove top (see images on induction plate here under)
  • Thicker S/s base for increased stability when using reflux columns.

See the optional items below to enhance your 13L round still

Vacuum still setupvacuum_still%2013L%20setup.jpg

NOTES on Induction heating plates:

Some induction heating plates have built-in overheating safety features. On these types you may experience problems that the induction plate overheats and switches itself off. This is particularly problematic when distilling essential oil with water. The induction glass tops cannot handle pro-longed boiling of water and switches itself off. When distilling Gin from neutral alcohol, this is much less of a concern as the ethanol will boil at temperatures in the low 80 degrees.

Also, some induction plates require the exact correct diameter of the pot that fits onto it. Make sure your induction plate is suitable for this still by boiling clean water in the pot for at least 30 minutes. If the induction plate does not switches itself off during this time, it will be suitable.

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