1000ml Separating funnel

R 950.00

Separating funnel to easily separate essential oils from the hydrosol after steam distillation.

R 950.00
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During steam distillation of botanical material, the distillate will contain at least two parts: Essential oils and the Hydrosol.

To separate these two components of the distillate, either an essentier or a separating funnel could be used.

For smaller essential oil stills, (i.e <40L) it is better to use a separating funnel as you will be able to collect more essential oil with better separation between the essential oil and hydrosol.

If you want us to courier the separating funnel to you, consider using the "courier with insurance" option when placing the order. Although we package these units well, some couriers struggle to read the "Fragile" stickers!

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