Gin Add on Kit for Alembic and Round Stills

R 900.00

An add on kit for the 5lt Alembic Pot Still starter kit, or for the 2lt Alembic Still. 

This kit includes all the extras you need to use the Alembic Stills to turn neutral or non-neutral spirit into Gin, or infuse the spirit through vapor infusion to produce Absinthe, Spirit Aperitifs or Liqueurs like Aftershock, Sambucca, Spiced Rum, Ouzo, etc. 

Juniper is included in the kit, but other Botanicals you will need to select from our wide range available on the website.


This Pack includes:

   1 x Measuring Cylinder Plastic 250 ml

   1 x Measuring Cylinder Plastic 1000 ml

   1 x Silicon Sealing tape

   2 x Gin bag (5l pot still)

   1 x Juniper berries dried / 100 gram

   1 x 0-100% Alcohol Meter (Short)

R 900.00
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A add on kit for the 5l Alembic pot still including the basic items needed to create a gin, working from a neutral spirit/Vodka as a base.

Over and above this you will need your own herbs and botanicals in which you want to infuse into your very own craft gin.

The kit contains:

-1 x 1000ml Measuring Cylinder (for dilution and blending)

-1 x 250ml Measuring Cylinder

-2 x 5l Ginning Bag (for the 5l Alembic pot still)

-1 x Alcohol Meter 0-100%

-1 x Silicone Sealing Tape

-1 x Juniper Berries (100g)


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