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Juniper berries dried
Dried Juniper berries for making gin ... and great venison dishes! Be careful when adding juniper berries. It is highly aromatic and too many will spoil your gin. A little goes a long way. A bit about the Juniper berry:...
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Angelica root (100g)
Distillation uses:  Angelica root is a key ingredient in the production of gin. This aromatic root is known for its distinctively earthy, herbal flavor and is prized by distillers for its ability to balance, enhance and stabilize the other botanicals...
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Thai blue pea flowers (dried)
Thai Blue Pea flowers is perhaps one of the greatest additions to a craft gin that you can make. Turn an ordinary Gin into a colour changing Gin (and its healthy too!). USES:Thai blue pea flowers can be used to...
R 155.00
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R 1,200.00
This is 100% pure food grade Quinine (quinine hydrochloride) is used as bittering agent for beverages such as Indian tonic water, grape tonic water, bitters and vermouth. The American Food and Drug administration limits the dosage of Quinine in tonic...
R 1,200.00
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Coriander (100g)
Coriander seeds are a popular botanical used in the production of gin. These small, tan-colored seeds are harvested from the coriander plant, which is a member of the parsley family. Coriander seeds have a distinct flavor profile that is both...
R 40.00
Liquorice root (100g)
The root of the liquorice plant, which is native to parts of Europe and Asia, has a naturally sweet taste and a distinct aroma that is both rich and earthy. In the world of alcohol production, liquorice root is often...
R 95.00
Calamus root (100g)
Calamus root, also known as Acorus calamus, is a fragrant and flavorful spice that is often used in the production of alcoholic beverages such as bitters, gin, and vermouth. This versatile root has a distinctive earthy and spicy flavor and...
R 85.00
Orris root (100g)
Orris root  is made from the dried  root of the iris plant, which is native to parts of Europe and Asia. In the world of alcohol production, orris root powder is prized for its delicate floral aroma and its ability...
R 155.00
Sweet orange peel (100g)
Sweet orange is a popular fruit used in a variety of applications, from cooking and baking to skincare and aromatherapy. Sweet orange essential oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit and has a sweet, citrusy aroma that is...
R 85.00
Hibiscus flower (100g)
Dried hibiscus flower is a beautiful natural ingredient that is commonly used as a colorant in the production of alcoholic beverages, particularly gin. The vibrant, deep red color of hibiscus flower makes it an excellent choice for adding a pop...
R 95.00
Cardamom (100g)
Cardamom, also known as Elettaria cardamomum, is a highly aromatic spice that is often used in the production of alcoholic beverages such as gin, spiced rum and bitters. This versatile spice has a unique flavor profile that is both sweet...
R 175.00
Elderberries (100g)
Elderberries can be used in mead production to add a unique and delicious flavor to the final product. Mead is a type of alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey with water, and it can be flavored with a variety of...
R 105.00
Red Rose Petals (100g)
Dried rose petals for the floral aromas in your Gin.
R 125.00
Orange flower (100g)
In the world of alcohol production, orange flower is often used to add a floral and citrusy note to spirits, such as gin and liqueurs. The flower can be used in various forms, including as whole flowers, dried petals, or...
R 145.00
Lime blossom (100g)
Lime blossom, also known as linden flower, is a fragrant and delicate flower that is used in a variety of applications, including in the production of alcoholic beverages. Lime blossom is harvested from the lime tree and is dried for...
R 90.00
Sloe Berries (100g)
Sloe berries are small, blue-black berries that are commonly used in the production of sloe gin. Sloe berries are known for their distinctively tart and slightly bitter flavor.  In sloe gin production, the berries are then infused in gin, along...
R 38.00
Lavender blossom (100g)
Lavender essential oil is derived from the flowers of the lavender plant, which are carefully harvested and steam distilled to extract the fragrant and therapeutic oil. The resulting oil has a sweet, floral scent with subtle notes of herbaceousness and...
R 110.00
True Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a popular spice that is often used in the production of alcoholic beverages, particularly in the creation of warm, spiced drinks such as mulled wine and hot toddies. Known for its warm, comforting aroma and sweet, spicy flavor,...
R 80.00
Jasmine (100g)
Jasmine flowers have a sweet, delicate aroma and a slightly floral flavor that can add a subtle and nuanced character to spirits. When used in gin production, jasmine flowers can help balance the botanicals, adding a touch of sweetness that...
R 180.00
Chamomile flower (100g)
Chamomile flowers, also known as Matricaria chamomilla, have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. These small, daisy-like flowers are known for their soothing and calming properties, and are often used to treat a variety of health conditions. One of...
R 98.00
Wormwood (100g)
Absinthian wormwood is a key ingredient in the production of absinthe, a highly aromatic and flavorful distilled spirit. This tall, leafy herb has a distinctive bitter taste and a strong aroma that adds depth and complexity to any recipe. Absinthian...
R 60.00
Buchu leaves (100g)
Buchu leaves, also known as Agathosma betulina, are a key ingredient in the production of Buchu brandy, a uniquely South African spirit with a long history and tradition. These aromatic leaves are native to the Western Cape region of South...
R 197.00
Billberries (100g)
Bilberries, also known as European blueberries, are small, dark blue berries that are often used in the production of alcoholic beverages such as fruit wines and liqueurs. These sweet and tart berries are native to Europe and have a rich,...
R 195.00
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Myrrh (100g)
Myrrh Gin Botanical – a true aromatic masterpiece that adds a layer of mystique and complexity to your gin creations. Sourced with precision and care, our Myrrh botanical is the secret ingredient to elevate your gin to new heights. Derived...
R 110.00

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