Automation and Control

14 products
Automation and Control Equipment assists the Commercial or Craft Distiller to achieve various important Goals during Production as well as add additional benefits. ...
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Bargain Corner

10 products
From time to time Distillique has access to a Special from one of our suppliers, and as a result, we are then in...
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Boilers and Mash Tuns

30 products
What is a Boiler?   In its most basic definition, a Still is a Boiler and a Condenser linked together.   Heat is applied in...
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47 products
At the end of the entire Spirit Production process, on last step remains. We need to put a Product on the market, and...
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4 products
One of the first challenges Distillique identified during its inception, was the lack of access Distillers (especially Home Distillers) had to the everyday...
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DIY Kits

13 products
One of the most difficult things for a new-comer to the Distilling World to discern, is what you need - both in terms...
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Extraction Equipment

32 products
Essential Oils are very popular these days - either using them as a purchased product or (as is happening more and more often)...
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Fermentation Equipment

29 products
Fermentation is the most important step in the Distillation Process, as that is where your Ethanol gets created, where your Flavors get created,...
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Liquid Storage

26 products
Various types of Liquids need to be stored in a Commercial Distillery or Craft Distillery. Some of it only for a couple of...
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Material Handling

21 products
One of the challenges in a Commercial Distillery or Craft Distillery that is often overlooked when choosing Distilling Equipment and Distillery Equipment, is...
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Measuring and Laboratory Equipment

4 products
Why are Measurements important in Distilling? There is an incredibly large number of variables involved in Fermentation and Distillation, each of which impacts...
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5 products
Everything and anything that cannot be easily filed, indexed, labeled or categorized, but which still relates to Distilling Equipment, Distillation, Fermentation, and all...
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Raw Material Processing

8 products
Distillique does not only sell Distillation Equipment. Very few, if any, Raw Material Sources are ready to use as-is for Fermentation and later...
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Post Distillation Equipment

16 products
    Post Distillation Equipment covers all Distillation Equipment and Distillery Equipment used during the Spirit Enhancement Processes, as well as Spirit Storage...
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Pot and Stripping Stills

37 products
    To fully understand this category, it is important to clarify some terms.     What is a Pot Still?    There...
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Spare Parts

5 products
Whether you require Spare Parts for your Distilling  Equipment, your Distillery, or maybe you are working on your own Design or Project -...
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Still Columns

38 products
     What is a Column Still? Column Stills can be divided into 5 main Categories. Adjustable Reflux Column Stills Fractionating Reflux Column...
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