• Lavender Liqueur Ramos Fiz

    Lavender Liqueur Ramos Fiz

    Indulge in a delightful twist on the classic gin cocktail with our Lavender Liqueur. Craft the refreshing Ramos Lavender Fizz with precision:
  • Chocolate Date Liqueur Balls Recipe

    Chocolate Date Liqueur Balls Recipe

    DISCLAIMER: Distillique does not believe in providing and selling recipes, as this goes against the Craft of producing your own products. The recipes we share have been sourced from clients and other sources, and as such, Distillique takes no responsibility and makes no guarantees regarding the quality, accuracy or safety of these recipes. Recipes are used at own risk, and are for the purpose...
  • Recipe for Whisky Rusks

    Recipe for Whisky Rusks

    During every Whisky Course we like to mention to trainees the possible uses of the grain solids after Gelatinization and Conversion. Following his attendance, Chimpi Nortje took it one step further ... Thanks for sharing Chimpi Ingredients 3 packs (500g) self-raising flour 20 ml baking powder 10 ml salt 300g sugar 4 eggs (beaten) 500 ml buttermilk 250 ml milk 650 ml melted butter...

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