Elevate Your Distillery Experience with Distillique's Premium Services! 

Why Choose Distillique?

Distillique stands as the pinnacle of knowledge and service provision for home and craft distillers in South Africa. Backed by 14 years in the industry, our team comprises skilled engineers with backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, alongside winemakers and a microbiologist, ensuring unparalleled expertise and support.

Licensed Expertise You Can Trust

Under South African Revenue Services regulations, only licensed individuals or companies are authorized to build, import, sell, or repair stills. With Distillique, you're guaranteed compliant, legitimate services, safeguarding your investment and ensuring peace of mind.

Discover Our Range of Services

From standard offerings like delivery, installation, and on-site training to specialized solutions such as distillery design, product development support, and team-building experiences, Distillique offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your distilling needs.

Optional Services for Added Convenience

Explore our optional services, including project management, equipment sourcing, and on-site maintenance, to streamline your distillery setup and operations. Additionally, indulge in unique experiences like bachelor parties, corporate events, and team-building activities—all curated by our expert team.

Transparent Pricing, Tailored Solutions

At Distillique, transparency and flexibility are at the core of our service approach. Our optional services come with additional costs, ensuring you receive tailored solutions aligned with your requirements and budget.

Ready to Elevate Your Distilling Journey?

Experience the difference with Distillique's premium services. Whether you're launching a new distillery or enhancing an existing setup, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to explore our services and unlock the full potential of your distilling endeavors!

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