Traverse Distillique's Extensive Range of Consumable Products! 

From the early days of Distillique's inception, we recognized the challenge faced by distillers, particularly home distillers, in accessing the everyday consumables essential for distillery operations. Our mission has always been to bridge this gap by providing a diverse range of consumables in small quantities, fostering experimentation, and making distilling more accessible and affordable for our customers.


Our fermentation consumables cover everything needed for the fermentation process, including raw materials, enzymes for starch conversion or pectin management, yeast, yeast activators, yeast nutrients, alkaline and acid for pH adjustment, and sterilizing agents to ensure equipment cleanliness and control wild yeast.


Essential for the distillation process, these consumables are designed to optimize still performance and enhance intermediate steps like low wines. Examples include anti-foaming agents, hydrogen peroxide, and other specialized additives.

Spirit Enhancement:

Elevate your spirits with our range of consumables that add or alter characteristics, including wood, barrels, botanicals, foam stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, activated carbon, and more.


Complete your distilling journey with our packaging consumables, including bottles, closures, seals, shrink wrap, sealing wax, labels, and other essential packaging materials to present your spirits in style.

At Distillique, we've curated a comprehensive selection of consumable products to support every stage of your distillery operation. Browse our range today and unlock endless possibilities for your craft distilling endeavors!

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