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Coppabend is an AMAZING re-usable "tool" to bend small diameter copper tubing (up to 22mm) into very small diameter coils without kinks or collapsing the copper tube.

The "tool" consists of 100g Coppabend crystals that is used as follows:

1. Clean the copper tubing on the inside to eliminate dust and dirt. It can be rinsed with a good detergent..

2. Heat and melt the Coppabend in a plastic/glass jug that is suspended in hot (more than 70 degree C) water. (i.e. like in a bain marie). Also heat the copper tube to about 70C.

3. Hold the copper tubing at an angle (i.e. 30 degree from horisontal) and pour the molted Coppabend into the tubing. Do not pour the coppabend vertically into the tube as air bubbles may then be trapped inside the tube.On small diameter tubes it is easier to fill the tube with suction)

4. Fill the copper tube with liquid Coppabend and then plug or crimp the open end of the tube as well.

5. Leave the tube to allow the coppabend to set fully and return to room temperature. This may take some time. (i.e. for diameters of more than 12mm let it set overnight)

6. Perform bending around a suitably diameter mandrel - slowly and smoothly.

7. Unplug or uncrimp both ends of the bent copper tube and heat the tube with a hot air gun or hot water (hotter than 70 degree C) to melt the coppabend.

8. Drain the coppbend into a suitable container for re-use.

10. Rinse the empty tube with water to clean out any coppabend residue. Coppabend is water soluble and will leave a clear finish.

100g of Coppabend will liquify into approximately 100ml. This is enough to fill the following lengths of copper tubing:

Pipe Outside diameter 6mm 8mm 12mm 22mm

Approximate length of pipe to fill

with 100g Coppabend

4.4m 2.8m 1.7m 0.3m

Although Coppabend may seems expensive, remember that is actually more versatile than a mechanical bender and can be re-used over and over again. We use it in our own workshop!

COPPABEND is a safe to use, synthetic resin product when the following precautions are implemented.



If problems with breathing occur, remove from exposure, keep warm and
If breathing problems continue seek medical attention.

Skin contact:

Wash the affected area with plenty of water.
Wash or remove any contaminated clothing.
If soreness or redness persists seek medical attention.

Eye contact:

Immediately wash the eye with plenty of water for at least ten minutes
holding the eye open.
If soreness Of redness persists seek medical attention.


Wash out mouth with water and give sips of cold water or milk.
DO NOT induce vomiting due to the risk of aspiration.
Seek medical advice.


Coppabend is not classed as flammable but is combustible.
Coppabend is a stable product. Burning can produce carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide
Flash point: > 160 Degree C
Auto ignition temperature: > 300 degree C
Fire fighting: Extinguish fires with water spray, foam, dry chemical or
carbon dioxide. Keep containers cool with water spray .
Fire fighters should wear self-contained breathing apparatus
for large fires.


Store COPPABEND away from strong oxidizing agents.
It is not considered a hazard due to non-volatile nature.
Low hazard, but may cause slight irritation on prolonged or repeated
Low toxicity but may cause sickness if large amounts were ingested.
Unlikely to bio-accumulate.
Will have a high chemical oxygen demand on any water course/sewer.
Detailed aquatic toxicity information not yet available

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