SG Hydrometer Triple Scale SG - Brix - Alcohol Potential

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R 95.00
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This is the first hydrometer to give you all three scales on ONE instrument.

An extremely usefull hydrometer for creating wines, fruit mashes, beer wort.

Range and scales:

  • Specific Gravity: 0.990 to 1.160

Ths scale measures the density of a liquid (i.e. a sugar wash, beer wort or fruit wine mash) in relation to water. An SG of 1.000 indicates the liquid t be exactly as dense as water. An SG of 0.990 indicates that the liquid is less dense than water (i.e. a very dry wine) and an SG of greater than one (i.e. 1.160) indicates that the liquid is heavier than water (i.e. it has a lot of sugar in it)

  • Balling/Brix: 0 to 35% sugar by weight

The Balling scale expresses the percentage of sugar, on a weight basis (i.e. 10 gram of sugar per liter of water) in watery liquid such as we found in beer worts, fruit mashes and sugar washes. It is also called a saccharometer as it measures the sugar content.

  • Potential alcohol by volume: 0-22%

This scale gives us a reading of the potential alcohol in a fruit mash, sugar wash or beer wort as % alcohol by volume. If we first take a reading of, for example, a sugar wash and it shows an alcohol potential of 18%, that means we will achieve 18% alcohol if we ferment the wash completely dry. We can also use this scale to calculate the amount of alcohol in a mash at any time. If we started off with an alcohol potential of, say 18%, and we measure our mash a few days later and find the alcohol potential reading at 7%, we then know that the mash then contains an alcohol percentage of 11% (18% - 7%)

NOTE: On a mash/wash that has completed fermentation (and contains the max amount of alcohol for that mash) the % alcohol potential will show 0% (as it cannot produce any MORE alcohol than what it already contains)

Buy also a 100ml measuring cylinder with your hydrometer to use the minimum amount of liquid to test the SG, Balling or Alcohol potential of your fruit mashes, sugar washes or beer worts.

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