Small Bottle Filler

R 6,990.00

R 6,990.00
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  • Filling capacity 5ml - 3500ml (3500ml is the max to which it can be programmed. However, from a time perspective, we do not recommend filling bottles larger than 500ml - otherwise it takes up to 1.2 minutes to fill 3500ml)
  • Single filling nozzle
  • Numerical controlled
  • Silicone tube
  • Footswitch activated (Footswitch included)
  • Programmable (9 pre-sets)
  • Strainer on suction tube
  • Drip free nozzle (8mm)
  • Max suck distance 1.5m 
  • ± 0.5% Margin of error
  • Easily adjustable
  • All S/Steel housing construction
  • Micro Diaphragm pump
  • Electricity requirements: 220V/50Hz, 400W
  • Flowrate: 3L/minute (max - with spirits, lower with viscous liquids)
  • Only suitable for liquids with a lower viscosity E.g water,olive oil,vinegar, milk. 

If not in stock - 3weeks delivery

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