Lavender Liqueur

Transport yourself to tranquil moments with this Lavender Liqueur recipe. Embrace the essence of serene days by following these simple steps:



  1. In an infusion jar, place dried lavender and Thai blue pea petals at the bottom.
  2. Pour in neutral spirit or vodka, ensuring the petals are fully covered, and tightly seal the jar.
  3. Allow the infusion to steep for 4-8 days, adjusting based on your preferred color and aroma. Remember to taste and shake daily.
  4. Strain or rack the infused liquid into a clean bottle.
  5. Add invert sugar, stir well, and cap the bottle tightly.
  6. Let it rest away from direct sunlight for an additional week or two.

Enhance your experience by adding a touch of mint, serving it ice-cold, or add sweet rose petals and honey for a sublime afternoon indulgence. 

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