Angelica root (100g)
R 80.00
Billberries (100g)
R 135.00
Buchu leaves (100g)
R 95.00
Calamus root (100g)
R 70.00
Cardamom (100g)
R 54.00
Sold Out
Chamomile flower (100g)
R 80.00
Coriander (100g)
R 40.00
Elderberries (100g)
R 75.00
Sold Out
Frankincense (100g)
R 95.00
Gin Infusion Kit
R 236.00 R 169.00
Sold Out
Hibiscus flower (100g)
R 95.00
Jasmine (100g)
R 95.00
Juniper berries dried
R 64.00
Lavender blossom (100g)
R 95.00
Sold Out
Lime blossom (100g)
R 90.00
Liquorice root (100g)
R 90.00
Sold Out
Myrrh (100g)
R 110.00
Orange flower (100g)
R 130.00
Orris root powder (100g)
R 145.00
Raspberry leaves (100g)
R 70.00
Sold Out
Red Rose Petals (100g)
R 115.00
Sold Out
Savoury winter (100g)
R 50.00
Sloe Berries (100g)
R 38.00
Strawberry leaves (100g)
R 60.00
Sweet orange (100g)
R 80.00
Wormwood (100g)
R 44.00
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