Distillique strives to be a One-Stop-Shop for the Home Distiller, Hobby Distiller, Commercial Distiller or Hobby Distiller. Here you will find Distilling Equipment, Distillery Equipment, Extraction Equipment, Consumables and everything else you might require for your operation. 

What Type of Equipment is available?  

DIY Kits 

Aimed at the Home Distiller or Hobby Distiller, our DIY Kits for Distillation, Fermentation and Extraction provides you with everything you need to get started in one convenient product.

Raw Material Processing 

For the Commercial Distiller (and the more serious or larger scale Home Distiller), we provide everything needed in order process your chosen Raw Material for Fermentation and later Distillation.

Boilers and Mash Tuns

Boilers (suitable for Alembic, Column or Ginning Stills) and Mash Tuns (for Starch Conversion) are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Fermentation Equipment

Fermentation Vessels, Temperature Control, Cooling Systems and everything else the Home or Craft Distiller might require is available in various sizes and designs, allowing for scalable operations and future expansion.

Pot and Stripping Stills

Used for more traditional Distillation, and to increase Production Capacity be concentrating Fermentations into Low Wines. This section also contains the stills most commonly used by Home and Hobby Distillers.

Column Stills

Geared primarily towards Commercial Distillers and Craft Distillers, as well as more advanced Home or Hobby Distillers, this section provides Column Stills, Adjustable Reflux Column Stills Fractionating Reflux Column Stills, Multi Column Stills and Hybrid Stills, as well as components for these stills.

Post Distillation Equipment

The term Post Distillation Equipment covers all equipment used in the area of Spirit Enhancement, this includes (but is not limited too) Ginning, Infusion, Filtration, Dilution, Storage, and much more.


All the equipment you would need for the last step in Spirit Production - Bottling, Capping, Labeling and Packing.

Material Handling

Whether you need to move Raw Material, Liquids, Solids, Waste or Stock, we have the solution you need, from Pumps and Pipes to Pallet Stackers and Bins.

Extraction Equipment

Aimed at a related but separate Industry, Distillique now provides various types of Extraction Equipment for Essential Oils and other Compounds to both the Home or Commercial Producer.

Liquid Storage

Storage for large and small quantities are available - be it Liquid Waste, Ethanol, Heads and Tails, or anything else you need to temporarily put aside.

Cooling & Heating Solutions

Whether you are looking at a Closed Loop or Recirculating Cooling Solution for your Still, Mash Tun, Fermentation Tanks or entire Operation - we will have something available, either off-the-shelf or purpose built.

Automation Control

Whether you are looking at a Closed Loop or Recirculating Cooling Solution for your Operation, or Alternative Heating Solutions and Steam Generation, we will have something available, either off-the-shelf or purpose built.

Bargain Corner

If you are on a budget, or maybe looking to spoil yourself, keep an eye on our Bargain Corner for specials we run from time to time.

Measuring and Laboratory Equipment

Consistent Product and Production Quality requires control of variables during the Production process. In order to achieve this, we need reliable and accurate Information, Records and Measurements. We provide an extensive range of tools to measure everything from Volume, pH, Temperature and Flow Rate, to Specific Gravity, Brix, Alcohol Percentage and more.


In terms of Consumables, Distillique caters more towards the Hobby and Home Distillers, providing Gin Botanicals, Yeast, Yeast Nutrients, Alkalines, Acids, Preservatives, Bottles and much much more. Any and all of our Consumables can however be provided in Bulk Quantities as well, so contact us, even if not available on the website.


For the Hobby, Home, Commercial or Craft Distiller that wants to maintain a still, add on or expand its capacities, or maybe looking to build a unique piece of Equipment, we offer a wide range of Spare-parts and Components.


Distillique's Slogan has always been "All Things Distilling". This means you sometimes end up with products that are not easily categorized. The Miscellaneous Section deals with Books, Apparel, Glasses, and everything else.


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