Copper mesh (Column packing) (500g)
Copper mesh packing inside reflux columns serves a few purposes. It provides a huge surface area for the reflux distillate to condense on It removes sulphides (rotten egg smell) from the vapour through catalytic action It allows turbulence to bring...
R 290.00
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Water Hose - Blue
Product description: Our pneumatic Water Hose is made from high-quality materials, ensuring a perfect balance between toughness and flexibility, ensuring seamless performance.  Designed to withstand rigorous conditions, our pneumatic water hose is hard enough to resist abrasions and punctures, yet...
R 37.00
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Straining cloth (square)
A blue synthetic straining cloth suitable to strain all the juice out of your fruit. 61cm x 61cm cloth. The porosity of the cloth is suitable for the juice to escape in a easy manner. Ethenol resistant.
R 14.00
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Gin bag
R 75.00
More sizes available
Gin bag
Product Description: A small ginning bag made out of muslin cloth, this can be washed and re-used numerous times. Product Specifications:  4 inch gin bag: 280mm x 160mm6 inch gin bag: 330mm x 240mm 8 inch gin bag: 450mm x 310mm...
R 75.00
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Brass thermowell for pneumatic T piece
Product Description A brass insert to go into your T pneumatic 12mm water connection for your digital thermometer to fit in to take an accurate reading of the temperature of your water. Ideal to use with the digital thermometer with...
R 179.00
e-BOOK: DIY Guide to build your own Compact reflux still
A comprehensive DIY manual in e-format to allow you to construct your own adjustable reflux compact still. Ideal for home distillers. All parts are manufactured from standard copper components available from plumbing and refrigeration outlets. Step-by-step instructions with photographs. Once...
R 165.00
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Home distillers record book
The new Customs and Excise Rules (Act 91 of 1964) (Including amendments published up to 8 February 2019) require the following from Article 116 Manufacturers: 116.02 A manufacturer of excisable goods solely for own use, who is registered as contemplated...
R 550.00
Hose: 12mm ID clear thin walled per metre
Plastic hose. Great for cooling water.
R 18.00
Small S/steel tap
These Stainless Steel taps will not corrode or oxidise in acidic or high ethanol envoronments as brass taps might do. Product specifications:  90 degree open/close handle 35mm threaded shaft x 16mm (5/8 inch) thread comes complete with washers, sealing plate,...
R 350.00
Hose: 6mm ID clear thin walled per metre
Plastic hose Plastic hose fits tight around 6mm copper tubing. Ideal for cooling water.
R 10.00
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Connector thermometer (to fit thermometer to still)
Use this connector to fit a digital thermometer to your still (It has a 3mm hole through which the thermometer probe fits) Drill a hole in the still and solder the nipple onto the still. Screw the falnge nut onto...
R 95.00
Retort Stand & Support for 13l round still and separation funnel
Use this retort stand for extra support when attaching the 3 inch ginning head for the 13L round still or for your separating funnel.  Kit content:  1 x Retort stand base 1 x Retort stand shaft (700mm long) 1 x Boss...
R 998.00
Black plastic spiggot
Tap out your liquid above the sediment. Avoid spilling your precious fermentation. No need to siphon your liquid
R 76.00
Distillique's Tulip ala Carte Taster
Product description A Distillique branded nosing and tasting glass specifically for spirit.  Specifications: 140ml  13,3cm (L) Terms and conditions:  Although we take great care to properly package glass items, Distillique will not refund or replace any items broken during shipping. Every...
R 34.99
Flexible safety and vapor seal for 54mm column
These flexible seals are used to seal 54mm copper column pipes as used in the adjustable reflux column still. NEW DESIGN: Our new vapour seals are made from ethanol resistant silicone, are thicker (double as thick as previous seals), stronger,...
R 26.00
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Gardena Smart Flow Meter (Digital)
The innovative GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter allows targeted irrigation that is measured and mindful. At a glance, you can see the water consumption per day and the current flow in liter per minute. The consumed water quantity can be...
R 580.00
Spirit Aeration diffuser 2 micron
Aeration / oxygenation diffuser with 2 micron pore size Made of stainless steel 7.2 mm OD fitting for air hose (connecting to an aquarium air pump) 25mm long x 13mm diameter diffuser Overall length 47 mm For large tanks (>100L),...
R 245.00
Packaging Supplies
Packaging supplies for Bottles and Carboys.
R 25.00
Still: Miniature still on copper base - Ornamental (10cm)
Most beautiful ornamental miniature pot still on a copper base. A great gift for the proud distiller. This small still is an immediate conversation starter and will do you proud on your desk.
R 800.00
Stand for boiler: 100L
A Stand for your 100 liter boiler for the convenience of height and draining. Product specifications:  Specially designed for the 100L boiler  Height of 45cm  Terms and conditions:  When product is not in stock, please email for a quotation ...
R 2,600.00
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Spray bottle 15ml
A 15ml plastic pocket spray bottle to use with your distilled essential oils, perfumes and even hand sanitizer.  
R 25.00
Coppabend (100g)
Coppabend is an AMAZING re-usable "tool" to bend small diameter copper tubing (up to 22mm) into very small diameter coils without kinks or collapsing the copper tube. The "tool" consists of 100g Coppabend crystals that is used as follows: 1....
R 155.00
Chemical resistant hose 20mm (per 1 Meter)
Ethanol resistant 98% ABVHeat resistant ± 80°CPrice is Per 1 x meter, please add the required meters you want.
R 850.00
Sight glass spanner
Used to tighten or loosen any sightglass sections.
R 620.00

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