e-BOOK: DIY Guide to build your own Compact reflux still
A comprehensive DIY manual in e-format to allow you to construct your own adjustable reflux compact still. Ideal for home distillers. All parts are manufactured from standard copper components available from plumbing and refrigeration outlets. Step-by-step instructions with photographs. Once...
R 165.00
Sold Out
Home distillers record book
The new Customs and Excise Rules (Act 91 of 1964) (Including amendments published up to 8 February 2019) require the following from Article 116 Manufacturers: 116.02 A manufacturer of excisable goods solely for own use, who is registered as contemplated...
R 550.00
Yeast: The practical guide to Beer fermentation
A definitive guide on "all things Yeast". This is a really, really good book about yeast and everything you should know about yeast.
R 490.00
Book: How to brew- John J. Palmer
How to brew: Everything you need to know to brew beer right the first time.
R 450.00
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