Liquid Storage

Various types of Liquids need to be stored in a Commercial Distillery or Craft Distillery. Some of it only for a couple of hours or days until it is disposed of or sold, others for months or years until it is ready for Sale. 

What types of Liquids do I store in a Distillery?    

  1. Potable Ethanol - This can be either a finished product, or an intermediate product like Low Wines or Undiluted Distillate. Normally and ideally stored in Stainless Steel Tanks or Containers until final processing or packaging.
  2. Feints - The all encompassing term for Heads and Tails, stored ideally in Stainless Steel (but Plastic will suffice) until it is either re-distilled to recover any remaining Potable Ethanol which may be separated out, or disposed of.
  3. Water - Normally bulk filtered Reverse Osmosis Water (recommended to increase the life expectancy of the RO Filter, Filter Cartridges and Membranes) stored in Plastic (or Stainless Steel if desired) until used for final Product Dilution.
  4. Liquid Waste - Generally referred too as Stillage, this would be the Liquid Waste left over in the Boiler of the Still, as well as (normally) the Sediment extracted from the bottom of the Fermentation Tanks, which is stored until it may be disposed of.
  5. Aging Product - This will be products that require Aging and Maturation in a Wooden Barrel - either because of the Recipe or because of Legal Requirements (think Whisky or Brandy), with the Barrel therefore becoming a Storage Container, as much as it is a Spirit Enhancement Catalyst.

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