Fermentation lock with Bung (Bubbler or Airlock)
It is ideal for fermentations up to 50L.   Product description: Each Fermentation Lock consists out of the lock and a bung to seal the lock into the fermentation lid, and a cover cap to keep out insect or contamination. Robust,...
R 28.00
Yeast Nutrients (100g)
Yeast nutrients are essential to provide yeast with minerals vitamins and other nutrients to support yeast growth and activity during fermentation. This special Distillique blend consists out of inorganic nitrogen (allow for the fast release of nitrogen for immediate use...
R 110.00
SG Hydrometer Triple Scale SG - Brix - Alcohol Potential
Please note glass items will not be covered by courier services, and is solely up to the client to accept responsibility should these items get damaged in transit. Distillique will not re-fund nor replace items broken during shipping. This is...
R 120.00
Yeast: Distillers yeast (100g)
Description Suited for a wide range of winemaking applications, particularly for production of fresh and fruity white wine styles, as well as early release fruit driven red wines and wines made by carbonic maceration. Distillers yeast is known to produce...
R 140.00
Alcohol Meter: 0-100% (Short)
Terms and conditions:  Distillique maintains a policy of non-refund or replacement for items damaged during the shipping process. Each glass item undergoes thorough inspection at our warehouse prior to dispatch. Consequently, Distillique disclaims responsibility in the event that the client receives the...
R 120.00
Alcohol Meter: 0-100% (Long)
Terms and conditions: Distillique maintains a policy of non-refund or replacement for items damaged during the shipping process. Each glass item undergoes thorough inspection at our warehouse prior to dispatch. Consequently, Distillique disclaims responsibility in the event that the client receives the...
R 120.00
Potassium Carbonate (100g)
Potassium Carbonate is used by distillers to buffer the mash against pH changes and to prevent it from going too low. The ideal pH for mashes being prepared for distilling is between 3,5 and 4.5. Dissolve the potassium carbonate in a...
R 49.00
Measuring Cylinder Plastic 100 ml
This ethanol resistant 100ml poly-propelene measuring cylinder can be used to measure small amounts of liquids in 1ml increments starting from 10ml.  The length of this measuring cylinder can easily accommodate the 0-100% ABV alcohol meter short or the alcohol...
R 72.00
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Proper Turbo Yeast Mix
R 95.00
More sizes available
Proper Turbo Yeast Mix
Want fast fermentations? Distillique's Proper Turbo Yeast Mix does it just better! This mix of high tolerant yeast, scientifically formulated nutrients and pH stabilizers is perfect for sugar washes using brown, white, invert sugars or even fresh cane juice. When...
R 95.00
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Juniper berries dried
Dried Juniper berries for making gin ... and great venison dishes! Be careful when adding juniper berries. It is highly aromatic and too many will spoil your gin. A little goes a long way. A bit about the Juniper berry:...
R 95.00
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Enzyme: Sugralique Plus
Sugralique Plus : A cocktail of enzymes to convert dextrins to fermentable sugars. Dosages as little as 0.4ml per kg maize is used to convert all the dextrins to fermentable sugars. Add Sugralique your mash directly before fermentation as it...
R 328.00
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Seal: 2 inch Silicone Seal for Sanitary Fittings
2 inch silicone seal fitting for 2 inch sanitary fittings and 2 inch tri-clamp 63mm OD Flange Seal may be EPDM.
R 15.00
Yeast: Whiskey from grain - Speyside (100g)
Description A naturally pure culture of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. for the Production of Grain Whisky.  Recommended for  This strain is recommended for use in the production of grain whisky by fermentation of wort made from any type of grain.  Dosage For...
R 88.00
Yeast: DC 1118 (100g)
Description DC-118 is known for its robust and reliable fermentation kinetics with high alcohol tolerance. This is one of the most used yeast strains by distillers. Its sensory contribution is considered neutral, as it gives very little yeast sensory contribution...
R 160.00
French Oak Chips 100g (medium roast)
Description: Superior medium roasted French Oak Chips for at least 100L of wine or spirits. Infuse Oak chips in wine or distilled spirits for flavour and colour. Medium toasted French oak chips are by far the most preferred grade of...
R 100.00
DAP (Di-ammonium phosphate) (100g)
Di-ammonium phosphate is an inorganic form of nitrogen that rapidly releases nitrogen in a mash for yeast growth. Many mashes are low on nitrogen and a major cause for stuck fermentations. Adding DAP to mashes allows vigorous yeast activity and...
R 55.00
Thermometer: Digital (with probe wire)
A small digital square thermometer with a long wire probe , ideal for your Pneumatic water connections and your fractionating column. Batteries are included.  If more than one digital thermometer is used in your still, you can make use of...
R 98.00
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Enzyme: Dextrolique PLUS
New formulation - double the strength than previous! Convert your grain for whisky to fermentable sugars without using malt. Dextrolique PLUS: A cocktail of enzymes to convert starch (from grains) to dextrins (and Sugralique Plus then converts dextrins to fermentable...
R 437.00
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Measuring Cylinder Plastic 250 ml
Ethanol resistant 250ml plastic measuring cylinder. Ideal to accurately measure liquids or to use with the 0-100% alcohol meter long Product Specification:  250ml volume  Measures in 5 ml increments starting from 25ml   
R 110.00
Fermentation Bucket: 25L
Food grade white plastic bucket (25 Litre) with carry handle and lid - ideal for 20L fermentations Product description: This buckets lid comes with a pre-drilled center hole in lid to fit the fermentation lock with silicone bung (fermentation lock not...
R 115.00
C1 - ONLINE - Introduction to Distilling (Distilling Theory)
This course is now online and available form our Internet learning platform. Learners from outside South Africa: To ship your printed course manual (i.e. more than 700 pages on C10) to your physical address, it costs us quite a bit...
R 880.00
Enzyme: Pectolase (Pectolyase) mix for 200 to 400kg fruit
This 50g granular Pectolase mix is suitable to treat between 200 and 400 kg of fruit. The pectolase mix is used to break down pectin and proto-pecting in fruit to: increase the juice yield from fruit and to; prevent methanol...
R 145.00
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Barley Malt (1 kg)
Pale barley malt per kg. Used to convert all starches to fermentable sugars the natural way. For mixed grain bill: Boil grain/water mixture until gelatinized (i.e. 30 to 60 minutes) and drop temperature rapidly to between 60 and 67C. Then...
R 24.00
Sodium metabisulfite (100g)
Sodium metabisulphite or potassium metabisulfite is used as a sterilizing agent in wines to kill off all bacteria and yeast present in wines. Campden tablets are compressed sodium Metdabisulphite and each tablet contains 0.4g of sodium/potassium metabisulphite. We sell it...
R 60.00
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