Still: 100mm 4 plate with 100L boiler
  • Still: 100mm 4 plate with 100L boiler

Still: 100mm 4 plate with 100L boiler


A good still to start with plate column distilling.

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If ever you consider commercial craft distilling, this is the still to start with and perfect all your recipes. Recipes or production protocols developed with this still is easily up-scaled for bigger plate column stills. 

This MAGNIFICENT 100L still with partial fractionating column is suitable for all distillations of fruit mashes, low wines and sugar washes into eau de vie, mampoer, whiskey, rums and "all things nice"!

  • Fully polished stainless steel still
  • Extremely robust, modular and designed and manufactured for commercial craft distilling
  • Includes copper mesh to reduce sulphides.
  • The unit contains 4 separation plates, each with inspection glass. copper bubble plates, copper bubble caps and downcomer - can be expanded to 8 plates any time later.
  • Reflux is controlled via coolant control
  • Heating by electric heating elements.
  • 4 Inch (100mm) column
  • Butterfly drainage valve for easy draining. Valve contains positive lock to prevent accidental opening
  • Quick release couplings for column removal and other parts.
  • Handlebars on boiler for easy placement and moving (when empty!)
  • High distillate take off point to allow easy fitment/positioning of distilling parrot and gravity fed spirit holding tank (not included)
  • Distilling parrot included with valve to drain parrot after distillation.
  • Picture may vary from actual product.
  • 1x 4kW element included + Element adapter (Can be upgraded to 4.5kw SP immersion element at an additional cost)
  • 4kW electronic heat controller included

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