Fermentation lock with Bung (Bubbler or Airlock)


Fermentation Lock (also called a bubbler or airlock) with bung for fermentation vessels up to 50lt .

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Fermentation lock for buckets up to 50 Liter of healthy bubbling mash!

Robust, strong, transparent.

On fermentations taking:

  • Less than 8 weeks: Fill with water to the indicated mark to ensure that no air enters your fermentation
  • Longer than 8 weeks: Fill with a little vodka to prevent algea growth in the fermentation lock.

Suitable for fermentation bottels from 5 liters to 50 liter drums.

Each Fermentation Lock consists out of the lock, a bung to seal the lock into the fermentation lid, and a cover cap to keep out insect or contamination.

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