Yeast: DW-I (100g)

R 160.00

A blend of wine yeast strains, selected to enhance fruity and floral flavours in white wines, particularly in the form of esters. Aromas include granadilla, gooseberry, grapefruit and mango. 



R 160.00
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DW-I mainly enhances fruity and floral esters and to a lesser extent, volatile thiols (passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry and guava aromas) in white wines.

Recommended for

Can be used for white wines and other fruit wines.


For fermentations smaller than 100L

1 gram per 1L

For fermentations larger than 100L

25 grams per 100L


Min temperature: 13 °C

Max temperature: 16 °C

Cold tolerance: 12 °C

Alcohol tolerance: 15,5 % v/v

Osmo- tolerance: 25 brix

Fermentation kinetics/rate: Fast fermentation - temperature control is advised

Nutrient demand: Medium

Volatile acidity production: Generally lower than 0,5 g/L

Species: Blend

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