Test kit stainless steel
  • Test kit stainless steel

Test kit stainless steel


Test kit to distinguish between grades 316, 304, and 202 or lower grades stainless steel.

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This is a quick test to determine the grade of stainless steel if you're unsure. This kit allows you to test steel in a matter of seconds.
Distinguish between 316, 304 and 202 or lower grades of steel.
The test kit will allow you to do more than 200 tests.
Easy, quick, convenient!

User instructions:

  • Have stainless steel to be tested in a horizontal position
  • Clip the brass probe onto the 9V battery (not included)
  • Place one drop of electrolyte onto the stainless steel
  • Place NEGATIVE probe into into the drop of electrolyte and the POSITIVE probe onto a clean and dry portion of the stainless steel
  • At the negative probe, the liquid around the probe will be "boiling" slightly and form a colored spot
  • Keep for about 3 seconds
  • If the spot is black - low grade stainless steel (i.e. Grade SS202)
  • If the spot is red-brown (and disappears within in second or two) it is SS304
  • If the spot is red-brown (and stays that way) it is SS314
Instruction leaflet supplied.