Volume Measuring Equipment


Whether we are referring to the Volume of a Sample, Volume of Product, Volume of an Intermediate Product or the Volume of an Ingredient, we need to be accurate in that Measurement.


How do we measure Volumes in a Distillery?


The methodology used to measure volume will depend on the Volume being measured (the size) as well as (in some cases) on What is being measured, and the Circumstances of the measurement.


  • For small quantities like samples, liquid ingredients like enzymes, and for processes like Yeast Rehydration, we would use small and accurately graduated Measuring Containers like Measuring Cylinders, Measuring Jugs and Measuring Beakers. Although Glass equipment is easier to use and read, easier to clean, and looks better - they are not recommended due to chances of breakage, and they are not allowed in terms of HACCP for Food and Beverage Production.

  • For larger quantities - especially when transferring liquid from one container to another - a Volumetric Flowmeter is preferred.

  • To measure volumes in a Tank - be that a Holding Tank, Infusion Tank, Mixing and Blending Tank or Fermentation Tank - a graduated Level Indicator is required.


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